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Navigating the Special Education System with a Disability Studies Lens, Part 1 Stephen Hinkle

May 20, 2019 by | Thompson Policy Institute

This blog post is the first of a three part series on navigating the special education system with a disability studies lens, written by Stephen Hinkle. Stephen is a Chapman Ph.D. student, self-advocate, international speaker, and a person on the autism spectrum. ____________________________________________________________________________ Since its beginning, the American special education system has been based on

Inclusion in Test Preparation Anne Steketee, M. Ed.

March 29, 2019 by | Thompson Policy Institute

“Operation Varsity Blues” exposed a national cheat-your-way-to-college scam which continues to reverberate in the areas of privilege, race, ability, and equity in test preparation (Jaschick, 2019). As a professional who worked extensively in the field of college access for diverse learners, I am following these conversations with interest. Students with disabilities who need accommodations for

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