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Is It CommunicationS? Or Communication? Is There A Difference?

July 2, 2018 by | School of Communication

As a Strategic and Corporate Communication Major, I  have heard and have said the phrase, “I am studying communicationS” many times. These people (including me) have been actually saying it wrong all along. The correct way to say it is without the “s”. They are specifically studying Communication (no S). Why is this? Is there

From An Office to the Mic: Jess Weimer Pursues Her Dreams As A Solo Artist Alumni Spotlight: Jess Weimer COM '14

December 29, 2017 by | School of Communication

by Bryanna Merda, SCC ’18 Jess Weimer graduated in 2014 with a double major in Communication Studies and Spanish. Starting from an office then shifting to a mic, she is now pursuing her dreams of becoming a solo artist. She was excited to share her journey with the School of Communication family in a short interview

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