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Is Shallow Thinking Sinking Your Resume? It’s Not Your Lack of Experience, It’s the Dearth of Details

February 20, 2020 by | School of Communication

A resume that’s light on details can sink you to the bottom of a recruiter’s pile of applicants. Are you jotting down just the basics about your jobs, internships, or volunteer activities? Or, are you providing compelling, even granular details that bring your experiences to life as a recruiter reads about your work history and

Why is Personal Branding Central to Career Success? Positive Self-Awareness is Key in Job Interviews

February 8, 2020 by | School of Communication

You attract job offers you genuinely desire when you focus on your unique and most appealing set of qualities. Positive self-awareness helps you naturally and intentionally communicate why you are the ideal candidate. After all, how you feel about yourself is like a cold. It’s contagious. When you answer job interview questions with stories and

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