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Going Above and Beyond Chapman shines a spotlight on exemplary staff at annual awards ceremony

June 8, 2018 by | News and Stories at Chapman

“There’s just something special about this place. It feels like home.” It’s a sentiment we hear time and again from Chapman University students and alumni, but it’s also a common refrain from the staff members dedicating their careers to creating an exceptional Chapman Experience. That must be why so many of them stick around for

The spotlight is on student achievement at the 2018 Campus Leadership Awards Paige N. Gulley named 2018 Cheverton Award winner

May 7, 2018 by | News and Stories at Chapman

She wrote three thesis papers—two in English and one in French. Her research focuses on the politicization of language. She is described as having fundamental conviction “that we should always behave so as to treat with respect the dignity of reason and moral choice in every human being.” And she’s a section leader in the

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