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Marketing and Brand Activation in the Beverage Industry Alumni Spotlight: Ella Parlor '11

June 11, 2020 by | School of Communication

Ella Parlor graduated from Chapman in 2011 with a degree in Communication and minors in Political Science and Gender Studies. Originally pre-med, Ella was recruited for a marketing internship that changed the trajectory of her career. Below she shares what she is doing now and how her communication degree helped her get to where she

“People are everything – we learn from each other, we push each other to grow, and we celebrate together.” Alumni Spotlight: Mona Sleiman '14 (M.S. '15)

June 11, 2020 by | School of Communication

Mona Sleiman graduated with her B.A. in Communication Studies in 2014 and her M.S. in Health and Strategic Communication in 2015. After working at Chapman as a Project Manager, Mona found her love of recruiting and made the switch to a job in the recruiting field. Below she talks about her time at Chapman, how

Communication in the World of Artificial Intelligence Alumni Spotlight: Sara Wagner '17

June 11, 2020 by | School of Communication

Sara Wagner graduated in 2017 with a B.A. in Strategic and Corporate Communication and a B.A. in Psychology. We caught up with Sara to hear about her Chapman experience and how her communication degree prepared her prepare for life after college. If you want to connect with Sara, you can find her on LinkedIn. Where

From Chapman Student to Higher Education Advocate Alumni Spotlight: Wil Del Pilar '95

June 5, 2020 by | School of Communication

Wil Del Pilar graduated in 1995 from Chapman University with a degree in Communication Studies with an emphasis in Public Relations. He went on to get a Master’s of Education and a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration. Getting his start in higher education as a work-study student in Chapman’s admissions office, Wil has since focused

Finding the Pieces that Fit Into the Puzzle Senior Spotlight: Alex Hallerman '20

May 13, 2020 by | School of Communication

Alex Hallerman, like many other seniors in the School of Communication, will be graduating next week and venturing out into the “real world”. But, Alex isn’t like most other seniors. He is one of our non-traditional students. Alex transferred to Chapman from Santa Monica College at an age when most traditional students have graduated and

Faculty Awarded ECA’s 2019 Article of the Year

April 23, 2020 by | School of Communication

Assistant Professor Hannah Ball and Assistant Dean Sara LaBelle of the School of Communication were awarded the Eastern Communication Association’s 2019 Article of the Year for their study published in Communication Quarterly entitled “College Student Goals in the Context of Prescription Stimulant Misuse: An Application of Goals-Plans-Action Theory.” Dr. Ball and Dr. LaBelle’s research focused

Communication: One of the Most Beneficial Skills in My Arsenal Alumni Spotlight: Kevin Taucher '13

March 6, 2020 by | School of Communication

Kevin graduated from Chapman University in 2013 with a B.A. in Communication Studies. Today, he works in the tech space doing procurement for Unitas Global. We caught up with Kevin to learn about how he got into the tech field and how his degree in communication helps him in his daily work and life. If

From Customer Service Consultant to Public Servant Candidate Alumni Spotlight: Holeka Inaba '16 (M.S. '17)

February 28, 2020 by | School of Communication

Holeka Inaba graduated in 2016 with a double major in Communication Studies and Integrated Educational Studies. He went on to complete a Master’s of Science in Health and Strategic Communication in 2017. In 2019 he decided to run for County Council in his home state of Hawaii. We caught up with him to see what

Chapman at the Forefront of Coining a New Discipline: Positive Media Psychology Dr. Janicke-Bowles Receives Grant to Host the First Positive Media Psychology Conference

February 10, 2020 by | School of Communication

School of Communication Assistant Professor Sophie Janicke-Bowles, in collaboration with Dr. Katherine Dale from Florida State University, has received a $10,000 conference award granted by the Faculty Development Council at Chapman University which allows them to host the first Positive Media Psychology Conference in April 2021. Positive media psychology is an emerging field that explores

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