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Grand Challenges Initiative Program Highlighted in Editor’s Blog of Science Magazine

July 21, 2022 by | Grand Challenges Initiative

In a new commentary published on the Editor’s Blog of Science, Chapman University’s Dr. Gregory Goldsmith describes how postdoctoral fellowship programs can transform the experience for early career scholars looking to advance their careers in science and engineering. For the past five years, Goldsmith has served as the first director of the university’s Grand Challenges

Educational Campaign of GMO Labeling Gabby Montgomery, Vance Vu, Kyle Tran-Vu, and Arly Adame

May 12, 2022 by | Grand Challenges Initiative

Our goal is to inform people of all ages about GMOs to reduce the negative stigma and give consumers a better understanding of their effects. This will be done through a series of surveys to have an insight into what social media is more effective in educating people on GMOs. This was a way for

Panther Buddy Mental Health App Aidan Lewis-Grenz, Alex Joseph, Jackson Stephen, Jessie Le, Maddye Ta, Shelby Groussman

May 12, 2022 by | Grand Challenges Initiative

Our challenge is the major decline in mental health due to the COVID 19 pandemic. During the pandemic, many people were forced to stay in their homes, and were therefore socially isolated, leading to a decline in mental health. We have created an app to help support the mental health of Chapman students. First, we

Learning + Gaming: Building Computers in VR Evelyn Lawrie, Nathan Nguyen, Kaitlyn Vetica, Eleas Vrahnos

May 12, 2022 by | Grand Challenges Initiative

Our grand challenge is the lack of computer hardware instruction in schools due to the cost of computer parts. Computer hardware and building computers is a useful skill in today’s modern world of technology. As previous studies have shown, our hypothesis is that virtual reality betters students’ understanding and increases socialization and motivation. This solution

Ocean Health Education Project Andrew Kwon, Camila Loyola, Connor Caruthers, Johnny McGeough, Kyle Wynne

May 12, 2022 by | Grand Challenges Initiative

The goal of our project was to educate people about the issues that affect the ocean, so we created a website full of useful information and research papers about ocean health. Full Poster: Ocean Health Education Project

Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Reduction Through Plant Modification Alexander Orlove, Alyssa Kimura

May 12, 2022 by | Grand Challenges Initiative

As climate change warms the California region during the summer as a result of the greenhouse gas effect, forest fires have become more frequent with each passing year. If atmospheric carbon dioxide could be reduced, so could the rate at which global warming occurs. Fertilizers rich in nitrogen and phosphorous could be used to keep

Test Your Financial Literacy Shree Murthy, Josh Edmondson, Luis Rivas, Erik Fryanov, Eissa Ahsan

May 11, 2022 by | Grand Challenges Initiative

Financial Literacy for people ages 18-24 is the lowest across the entire nation. We wanted to tackle this issue by creating a quiz to help students assess their financial literacy and present resources to them such that they can learn more about topics they struggled with. We also tested user design to determine what students

Degradation Comparison of Plastic Films Over Time Sarah Fraschetti, Sophie Moylan, Sophie Pelton, Spencer Snow, Kainani Tacazon

May 11, 2022 by | Grand Challenges Initiative

The Grand Challenge that our group has focused on is the single use plastic waste that has increased as a result of the pandemic. Throughout GCI, we have researched various biodegradable materials that have the potential to replace traditional plastic films. We have made it our goal to create a homemade starch-based biodegradable plastic film

bil·LED: A Website to Promote Sustainability Through the Transition to LED Light Bulbs Erin Babbitt, Sharon Chang, Daniel Dinh, Parsa Mazloumin, Lorena Munoz, Charli Stein, Minna Yu

May 11, 2022 by | Grand Challenges Initiative

We created a LED light bulb conversion calculator that will provide the user with personalized information about the environmental and financial benefits of switching to LED light bulbs based on their current electricity usage and light bulb types.   Full Poster: bil-LED Follow the QR Code to the bil-LED website!  

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