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Lessons from Snowflakes Persistence and Curiosity in the Classroom

February 23, 2022 by | Higher Ed and Technology: Academics at Chapman

A few weeks ago my son (who lives far away in a snowy valley of northern Utah) texted me this picture:   It’s a photo he’d taken of a partially-melted snowflake under a microscope. He told me that it was harder than he thought to capture the flakes under magnification, that all of the equipment

Welcome to Fall 2021

August 27, 2021 by | Higher Ed and Technology: Academics at Chapman

Dear Colleagues, I hope this message finds you well, as you are in the midst of the Fall semester. In August many of you participated in our Summer Academy event “Inclusive Teaching” with José Antonio Bowen. If you missed it, I invite you to watch the recording: I found Dr. Bowen’s remarks to be both

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