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Standing Together in the face of disasters and injustice

September 17, 2020 by | Fish Interfaith Center

Dear friends, colleagues, students, staff, Chapman community, I hope this finds you well and safe. We are thinking of everyone in your many settings and unique ways of being engaged in teaching, learning, working, and going about your daily lives. We are mindful of those in the regions who are suffering fires and deadly smoke;

Taking a Breath in the Midst of COVID-19 by Gail Stearns, Dean of the Wallace All Faiths Chapel

May 8, 2020 by | Fish Interfaith Center

“Just breathe.” That used to be solid advice for so many things. It works to alleviate anxiety or pre-performance jitters. Breath training is key for a woman near to giving birth, or a person living with chronic pain. Singers and actors know the power of deep breathing for performances. Yet suddenly, taking a breath can

An Antidote to Loneliness by Gail Stearns, Dean of the Chapel

May 1, 2020 by | Fish Interfaith Center

Let me begin with appreciation and thanks to our Chapman faculty and staff. Although I can’t see you face to face, I see your work more clearly than ever online and in my zoom calls with you. I love hearing about your incredibly creative online teaching methods and ambitious timely research, much of which is

Toward an Ethic of Appreciation by Gail J. Stearns, Dean of the Chapel

April 23, 2020 by | Fish Interfaith Center

What’s good or what’s bad are a bit confused right now. “I need to be working!” says a friend, who has never stopped working a day in nearly nine decades. I reply, “It’s the first time in your life that the right thing to do is to do nothing, isn’t it?” In the midst of

Earth Day, Ridván, and Ramadan Socially Distant Yet Inspiring Action

April 15, 2020 by | Fish Interfaith Center

by Gail Stearns, Dean of the Chapel We might expect that religious holidays often offer strength to believers, with assurance that through trials emerge new life. However, I was surprised to learn that a holiday we can all celebrate, Earth Day, offers a similar message, if we take seriously lessons scientists are learning from their

Your CHAPMAN HOPE: Providing Calm, Care, and Compassion during the COVID-19 Crisis

April 10, 2020 by | Fish Interfaith Center

With shared commitment to uphold the strength of the Spiritual Pillar and the Chapman spirit, The Fish Interfaith Center is pleased to launch CHAPMAN HOPE—a new platform of online resources and virtual services to provide spiritual grounding, calm, care, and compassion during the COVID-19 crisis. We offer these resources as we adjust to the challenges

Introducing Chapman Hope Providing Calm, Care & Compassion in Times of Crisis

April 10, 2020 by | Fish Interfaith Center

Dear Friends of Chapman, The Fish Interfaith Center at Chapman University is pleased to introduce CHAPMAN HOPE! We have been working diligently in faith to create a platform for meditation, prayer, Chaplain support, and wellness resources for faculty, staff, students and our community, and support for our various spiritual and religious student groups. We are

Easter, Passover and Vaisakhi – Socially Distant, Yet Deeply Meaningful by Dean Gail Stearns

April 8, 2020 by | Fish Interfaith Center

Without the opportunity to gather, how does one join an Earth Day project, attend a Passover Seder, a Ramadan Iftar, an Easter brunch, a Vaisakhi celebration, or a Ridván festival?  This April ushers in holidays and celebrations for millions of people around the world. All of them pivot around community gatherings that will not be

That Feeling of Grief and Finding Meaning Reflections by Dean Gail Stearns

April 1, 2020 by | Fish Interfaith Center

We grieve the things we never even had, a friend once said to me after I had experienced a profound loss. Indeed, we grieve the future we were imagining, planning toward, or counting on. In normal times, we spend much of our time engaging in anticipatory causality, a term coined by Sara Ahmed, author of

Chávez and the Work of the Non-Essential Among Us Reflections by Dean Gail Stearns

March 27, 2020 by | Fish Interfaith Center

A colleague recently said to me, It’s humbling to learn you’re not an essential worker, isn’t it? At times, we do feel powerless. So, what can we do in this unexpected time of COVID-19? I find the language of “call” to be helpful. We hear of people having a religious experience of being called –

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