Dr. Kevin McCabe lectures on his experiments.

Jan. 8th-12th the Economic Science Institute, with a generous grant from the International Foundation for Research in Experimental Economics (IFREE), hosted 26 Doctoral students from universities all over the world for the Seventeenth Visiting Graduate Student Workshop in Experimental Economics. Presentations from Professors Sarah Brosnan, Terence Burnham, Stephen Gjerstad, Daniel Kovenock, Kevin McCabe, Timothy Shields, Roman Sheremeta, Gregory Waymire, and Bart Wilson received excellent reviews from participants.  Lectures and experiments were given on topics including Biological Foundations of Economic Behavior, Information Aggregation in Prediction Markets, Conflict Resolution, Inter-Primate Comparisons of Economic Behavior, and Collaborative Experiments in Virtual Worlds, among others. For more information on conferences, graduate level or high school level workshops, and the Summer Scholar program hosted at the Economic Science Institute please visit our home page.