Hello ASBE  – We will have two new executives that I’m very excited to announce in our administration at the Argyros School of Business and Economics – Dr. Darryl Stephens will be starting on October 29 as the new Assistant Dean of Graduate and Executive Education.  All the MBA’s and aspiring MBAs should get to know him.  Also, Debra Finster will be starting on November 1 as the Senior Director of Development, with responsibility for managing our donor programs.  More importantly she will also manage our relationships with our alumni (very key) and our Board of Counselors.

On a final note – we are two weeks away from Election Day, and I highly encourage each of you to 1. get informed, and 2. VOTE; I don’t care for what or for who, but – PLEASE EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE (not everyone in the world has it).

All the best!  Reggie