Ever try to speak with corporate leaders and try to explain what the difference between an enlisted rank 7 and an MBA?  A veteran has been doing it for 20 years.

Veterans like myself joined MBA programs for the access to become a well-rounded leader.  Should there be a distinction between an enlisted or officer veteran?  Absolutely not.  Each veteran has been trained in a particular set of skills.  These skills will and can be used to influence others to aid and support others for the accomplishment a common objective.

From the earliest rank of enlisted rank 4, we are trained in some of the world’s most elite leadership courses.  Most of these courses are required to advance to a higher pay grade.  Companies should take advantage of the wealth of knowledge a veteran has to offer.  Also, the veteran him or herself needs to understand their own potential for being a great MBA candidate.

If you still have that itch to continue to serve without going back into the service, consider the fact that veterans serving in Congress is at its lowest point in nearly 40 years.  Our country is in desperate need of leaders and companies should do everything they can to recruit veterans.

On the site, militarymba.net,  there is a wealth of knowledge that you can use to analyze if an MBA is a good fit for you.  A Veteran shouldn’t over look the talents they possess, nor should a company ignore the gifts a veteran has to offer.

Have any questions about my own journey with getting my MBA?  Email me anytime at chand119@mail.chapman.edu.