During my journey for greater education, I have had the pleasure of meeting some great people within Chapman, as well as externally.  As a student veteran myself, there is a unique potential of finding a mentor that focuses their knowledge on military veterans.

Veterans should take advantage of the powerful combination of their military experience and classroom knowledge by working with a mentor who is handpicked to help with specific needs. Mentors can also assist in making networking connections and providing career insight.

American Corporate Partners‘ mission is to connect post-9/11 veterans (like myself) to successful and experienced mentors from top Fortune 500 companies such as AECOM, Intel, and 21st Century Fox.

Getting connected with a mentor is free and simple. Complete a brief application and phone call with an ACP staff member to share more about your background, career goals and specific areas you’d like assistance with.  ACP then handpicks a mentor based on your interests and offers you the opportunity to work together one-on-one for a year. You’ll customize mentorship goals and work with your mentor to carve out a path toward post-graduation success together.

Student veterans who have already gone through the program have discussed job search strategies, networking, resume writing, internships and career path clarity.

Visit http://acp-usa.org/mentoring to learn more and apply today. Please mention that you were referred by Chapman University. If you have questions, call or email Melissa McCauley at 212-752-0700 or mmccauley@acp-usa.org.

I have signed up and if you have any questions from a student’s perspective, please do not hesitate to contact me at:  chand119@mail.chapman.edu.