Stephanie Stark

My name is Stephanie Stark.  I am a double major in accounting and business administration with an emphasis in finance. I recently graduated from my undergraduate program and will continue my studies as a 4+1 graduate business student beginning this August 2017. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Argyros School supporters since I have benefitted from the Argyros School of Business and Economics in so many ways.

I work as a front desk assistant in the Argyros School Beckman 301 office, housing the Argyros School Advising team. I see on a day-to-day basis how valuable the advising office is to students. The program advisors are very eager to help navigate the process of planning class schedules and give advice to students, especially during the hectic registration period.

Additionally, I have utilized the Argyros School Career Services office on multiple occasions. They have given me advice on everything from resume and cover letter writing to my LinkedIn profile. The Argyros Connect system is an online tool I have used in my summer internship search that has shown me potential opportunities that I otherwise wouldn’t have known about.

The Walk Down Wall Street travel course is another amazing opportunity that I am lucky to have been a part of. Although the travel portion of the course was postponed due to unforeseen weather circumstances this last interterm, this course gave me true insight into many large financial institutions. We were able to video chat with Chapman alum working on Wall Street as well as executives like Brad Peterson who is the CIO of NASDAQ. Our resumes were sent out to firms on Wall Street, which is a very unique opportunity, to be seen by these potential employers.

Overall, my experience in the Argyros School of Business and Economics has been exceptional. The professors, faculty, resources, and endless opportunities are why I am delighted with my decision to attend school here. Thank you for making all of this possible and I am looking forward to seeing what my last few semesters at Chapman will bring.

The Argyros School sat down with Stephanie and asked five fun questions to describe her Argyros School experience:

ARGYROS SCHOOL: Why did you choose Chapman University? What other schools did you look at?
STEPHANIE STARK: I wanted to go to a smaller school where the professors were personal with students. I love living in the state of California and wanted to be closer to home. I toured the school seven times before committing.

ARGYROS SCHOOL: What has been your favorite class during your time at Chapman?
STEPHANIE STARK: Walk Down Wall Street. I learned a great deal about real world applications.

ARGYROS SCHOOL: What has been your proudest moment so far in college?
Getting accepted to the masters in accounting program at Chapman.

ARGYROS SCHOOL: Did you study abroad? If so, what did you learn?
I studied abroad in London during my sophomore year. I had never been to London before so it was a leap of faith. I was able to learn about a new country, be immersed in a new environment and become more adaptable to new situations.

ARGYROS SCHOOL: What would you tell someone who is thinking about coming to Chapman?
Chapman is an amazing school where the professors really get to know you and the University serves as a great learning environment.