Brianna Gonzalez headshotBrianna Gonzalez is a full-time student in the JD/MBA dual degree program and is expected to graduate in May 2022.

Brianna earned her Bachelor of Business Administration from Concordia University Irvine. While studying Marketing/Finance at Concordia, she was a Dean’s List student and the President of the international business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi. She also worked as a marketing manager for a local brewery in Aliso Viejo and as an executive assistant to the CEO of a medical device company.

After graduation, she worked in the residential sales department at Irvine Company and attended the University of California, Irvine to obtain a Paralegal Certificate. She left the Irvine Company for an entry-level legal position within a local estate, tax and business planning law firm, Brown & Streza LLP. Brianna chose to leave the law firm to study full time for the LSAT and apply to law schools. After taking her LSAT she took a position as an Asset Manager for a local private equity firm in Newport Beach.

Brianna’s long term goal is to be a securities and blockchain attorney. With this in mind, she made the decision to quit that job in order to teach herself how to trade equities before starting law school. She says, “I figured I should learn the ins and outs of trading to further my knowledge of the industry from the trader’s perspective.”

That summer, Brianna focused her time analyzing the markets and working out to maintain her health. After some success in training both her mind and body, she decided to start her own online business to coach others on how to invest in the markets and their health.

Brianna says, “I have a passion for fitness and finance so I combined those two worlds through my business, Brains & Gains, Inc. We are now transitioning the business to be a non-profit organization with a mission to educate the youth in areas of fitness and personal finance that are not taught in traditional grade school curriculum. Owning my own business and working in various legal and business roles naturally sparked my interest to pursue a JD/MBA dual degree. Finding my balance between work, school, gym, finances and my social life has further developed my skills to be able to coach others into managing all aspects of life.”

Brianna believes the MBA program will further her knowledge of business analytics and other quantitative skills. She knows that she must master both technical and fundamental analysis as an investor. “The fundamental analysis comes easy to me as a law student with analytical reasoning skills, but I plan to leverage my MBA knowledge when making technical analysis of equities in managing funds for my future investors.”

Brianna also plans to leverage her MBA as an additional asset to the future clients of her law practice. She wants to provide clients a firm that offers a multitude of services for all their financial and business needs.

Brianna plans to be a securities and blockchain attorney and an investment manager, opening her own investment company with an in-house law firm. Her mission is to promote ethical and compliant transactions as a fiduciary for her clients.

Interesting Facts about Brianna:

  • In her spare time, Brianna helps run her boyfriend’s apparel manufacturing business, Klimp’s Customs. She says this role has been a great experience learning about fashion design and all the steps that go into making clothing. She loves being able to express her creative side through designing and marketing in this field.
  • Brianna wants to start a custom made suit line exclusively for women.