Andre Cabrera headshotName: Andre Cabrera

Position: Business Intelligence Manager

Industry: Consulting and Biotech

Degree/Concentration: B.S. Business Administration & Management / Leadership

Why did you choose this industry/field?  

I have worked as a consultant in the past and thankfully was given an opportunity to work in the Biotech industry. The main reason I chose to work in biotech right now is that I feel the work I am providing is having a positive impact on the lives of many families both for the present and future.

How did you strategize to get your career to where it is today?  

Setting realistic, tangible goals as well as surrounding myself with the right people.

What career advice do you have for current students entering the industry in this job market? 

Most people don’t really know what they want to do or what their “dream job” really is, they only have an idea and there is nothing wrong with that! You may get a job out of college you never considered yourself doing but discover you enjoy many aspects of it, and vice versa.

My main piece of advice is to not only acknowledge things you’re passionate about but identify things you know for a fact you do not want to do in the future so you can avoid them.

Also, be open to many opportunities early in your career, you never know where they will take you!

What part of your degree from Chapman do you think will be most valuable to you in your career moving forward.

Chapman allowed me to develop a strong, reliable network of connections. I am still in touch with many of the professors I took classes with and know I can go to them for advice if I ever need it.