Ramon Martinez headshot

With the Coronavirus pandemic moving all Chapman University course instruction online, first-year MBA student Ramon Martinez found a way to help those affected by COVID-19 and develop his own skills. He is volunteering with an organization in Puerto Rico creating instructional videos to inform the public of ways to fight the current pandemic. A student in the MBA/MFA joint program, Ramon is leveraging statistical analysis skills developed through his coursework to develop infographics and videos.

Ramon has been in Puerto Rico since March 24, after Dr. Jaime Claudio invited Ramon to be part of the COSACO (Coalicion de Sabiduria COVID-19 de Puerto Rico) non-profit organization. They are creating content to distribute to the public, primarily through social media, such as their Facebook page. The work includes infographics along with interviews with Coronavirus experts and doctors, providing critical education to the public with ways to protect themselves and others. The first batch of content is out, with more on its way. Ramon anticipates his statistics class in particular will be an asset in his ability to contribute to the COSACO team.

The Argyros School is proud of Ramon for being proactive in this current situation and helping others, leveraging his skills in a way that will make him more marketable to employers, and doing something great for the community.