Melanie Kane profile

The Argyros School of Business and Economics evaluates all undergraduate and graduate programs every year with the goal of improving the education experience of our students and their preparedness for the job market and future graduate careers. Included in this process is the ETS Major Field Test that graduating students take which tests their knowledge of business, economics and accounting subjects using standardized questions offered by ETS. Participation in the test is important as it allows ASBE to compare our program to other programs nationwide.

In the academic year 2019 -2020, 64 students took the Multi-Factor Test. Across programs, 75 percent of these students scored above the 50th percentile, while 23 percent scored above the 90th percentile on the assessment.

Connor Broughton and Dean Turk

The Argyros School is particularly proud of the six undergraduate students who scored above the 95th percentile and received a commendation letter from Dean Tom Turk. Moreover, two MBA students, Connor Broughton, MBA ’20 and Melanie Kane, MBA ’20,  were awarded the Assurance of Learning Award for scoring above the 95th percentile of the national ETS Major Field Test.

The Assurance of Learning team, and the entire Argyros School, congratulate the class of 2020 on their excellent results!