With the move to online classes due to Covid-19, Argyros School of Business & Economics students and faculty had to quickly adjust to a new instruction method. One way they were able to keep things as normal as possible was by continuing to host guest lecturers in multiple classes. The Argyros School has strong ties with many business leaders and decision makers throughout Orange County and beyond, and students find these guests to be a valuable part of their educational experience. Though they may not have been able to meet in person, many professors still invited friends of the school to pop into their Zoom class for their scheduled guest lecture.

Chris Lowe, MBA ’11, teaches a Public Policy class in the Executive MBA program and recently hosted three high profile guests: Fred Whitaker – Chairman of the OC Republican Party, Lou CorreaU.S. Congressman,  and Scott Higham – Pulitzer Prize winning reporter for The Washington Post (bonus points to Scott for bringing his dog along with him, always a welcome sight!).

Students and Instructor on a Zoom video call

Other professors kept their regularly scheduled guests as well, including Carey Ransom joining Marshall Toplansky‘s class and Mitch Jackson joining Niklas Myhr, Ph.D.‘s class.

Screenshot of a Zoom class

Screenshot of a Zoom class

The Argyros School’s network includes many influential and successful members of the Orange County business community, and we are grateful they find value in interacting with our students at all levels.