Janes Financial CenterTowards the end of each Spring semester, the Janes Financial Center holds an application and interview process to gain new faces and minds for the Residency Program. This program gives students the hands-on experience of managing a profitable investment portfolio, allows students to expand beyond their academic curriculum, and work in a team atmosphere to lead and collaborate with classmates and peers with similar financial interests.

As many of the 2019-2020 residents have graduated, the program was able to bring on a vast amount of students who show determination, knowledge, motivation, and integrity in contributing to the program. The residents will work endlessly in developing their own valuation models, thanks to the incorporation of the new Data Analytics team in Residency, creating stock presentations to showcase the team and individual work they complete throughout each academic school year, and formulating analyst reports of local Orange County businesses.

The 2020-2021 student recruitment was a success, with 23 new residents joining the 18 returning residents in the program. The program is led by Oliver Brooker, Eva Song, Lucca Kolberg, and James Kistner, all holding different expertise in Economics, Finance, Real Estate, and Data Analytics. The residents consists of a variety of students with different financial experiences and backgrounds, ranging from Sophomore to Graduate students. Three of the residents come from the Full-time MBA Program, with a couple senior residents moving into the new M.S. in Real Estate beginning Fall 2020.

On behalf of Argyros School, let’s all congratulate the students and wish them luck on their rigorous Program assignments that will take place in order to develop a strong and profitable portfolio for the future.