My name is Maddie Hildebrand and I am finishing my second year at Chapman University majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing, and double minoring in both Spanish and Music Business. While I currently work at Kendra Scott in Newport Beach and help with promotion and social media campaigns for Bad Owl Records, this summer I will be a Venue Representative Intern at FanFlex.

FanFlex is a company that helps independent artists book shows at venues across the country. With thousands of artists and hundreds of venues, FanFlex is constantly growing and becoming a vital resource to the music industry. Throughout the summer, I will be in contact with business owners and help them secure shows at their venues. I love this internship because I will be gaining valuable insight into the music business, while also developing myself as a professional. I also enjoy collaborating with my team and attending weekly meetings with the whole company.

I heard about this position from a fellow Chapman student on LinkedIn! She posted that FanFlex was looking for interns, so I sent them my resume. Right away, I knew that this internship would be a great match as I want to work in Live Events after graduation. This made me realize how important having connections are because without this connection, I probably would not have heard about this internship.

My advice for anyone looking for an internship or job is to apply, apply, apply! Even if I think I am not qualified, I apply anyways because you never know what hiring managers are looking for. I also recommend connecting with as many people as possible and joining career groups for what you are interested in. Going off that, connect with as many Chapman students as you can. The student who posted about this internship I don’t know personally, but we both go to Chapman and connected. It is also important to follow any companies you may want to work for on LinkedIn so you can stay up to date when they post jobs. Especially for the music industry, all you need to do is get your foot in the door, so try and do that any way you can!