Name: Mia McCarthy

Position: Contract Administrator

Company: General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc.

Degree: B.S. in Business Administration and B.A. in Dance

Graduation Year: May of 2022

What excites you about this company/job?

I’m beyond excited to start my role due to the scope of knowledge I will acquire in this unique industry. GA-ASI has a strong emphasis on innovation and technology, giving me the opportunity to learn something new every single day.

How did you strategize landing this internship/job?

After applying to various positions within the company, I received follow up interviews with two different departments. I prepared with extensive research on each position I applied to along with the Aerospace industry as a whole. During the interview process I shared my eagerness to learn, drive to succeed and how I could contribute to both the team and the company. Throughout the internship, I was able to apply what I learned during my time at Chapman, further allowing me to grow as a young business professional. It was an amazing learning experience that turned into a job offer upon graduation!

Give students some career advice for anyone looking for an internship/job in this market (based on what you did)?

Take every opportunity that comes your way. Diversify your resume; be versatile, adaptable and persistent.