Name: Lauren Vontz 

Position/Industry: Recruiter Intern at Amazon Web Services 

Degree/Year: B.S. Business Administration, emphasis in Marketing, graduating May 2023

What excites you about this company/job? 

Interning at Amazon Web Services allowed me to see the internal operations and company culture of one of the largest corporations worldwide. As the #1 cloud infrastructure provider, the level of innovation and growth occurring daily was inspiring. While Interning as a recruiter, I was given full ownership over the Amazon hiring process and was responsible for my candidates from sourcing to hired. Even though I started the internship with no experience in recruiting, by the end of the summer I had hired a senior level technical candidate.

How did you strategize landing this internship/job and talk about handshake too? 

Through assistance from the Argyros Career Advancement, I strategically composed my resume and posted it to my Handshake profile. An Amazon Student Programs Recruiter found my Handshake profile based on the content in my resume and shared the opportunity with me.

Give students some career advice for anyone looking for an internship/job in this market (based on what you did)? 

My advice for anyone interested in an internship would be to:

1) Use handshake and the Career Advancement office!

2) Don’t be afraid to aim high or try something new!

This is the perfect time to explore what you may want in a future career and getting hands on experience is the best way to inform that decision.