President: Anika Nguyenkhoa
Vice President: Shreya Rao
Treasurer: Aaron Watson
General Director: Laryssa Wagenaar

Our club will have a Networking event with the Marketing Association on Wednesday, October 26th from 8pm-10pm in Argyros Forum (AF) 3rd Floor South Patio. This is a great opportunity for students to learn and practice their networking skills with other students.

What is Finance Society and what do students who are a part of it do?

Chapman University Finance Society is an organization that seeks to educate students about the various financial industries they can join. Focused on Corporate Finance, Investment Banking, and FP&A, we are dedicated to supporting students with the association’s resume and recruitment workshops and networking events, in addition to providing students with opportunities to meet with industry professionals, Chapman faculty & alum network.

How can being a part of Finance Society help students in their education and future careers?

Involvement with Chapman University Finance Society can help connect students with like-minded counterparts and develop skills to network and pursue a career in Finance.

How can a student get involved in Finance Society?

Students can get involved by attending our weekly meetings Wednesdays at 8 pm in Beckman Hall Room 102 and following our Instagram (@cufinancesociety) or sending us an email (financesociety@chapman.edu) for updates on what our club is doing on campus.