From Chapman’s classrooms to the business world, Jason Tiger’s journey is nothing short of remarkable. Jason Tiger fondly reminisces about his time at Chapman University, where he pursued a degree in Economics and graduated in 2015. “I loved my Chapman experience,” he reflects. “I made so many great friends, learned a lot about time management, and got connected to a great networking community. Had a ton of fun.”

Today, Jason stands as the Founder and CEO of Bubble Universe, the world’s first edible bubbles for kids, pets, and adults. With products featured in Taylor Swift’s latest music video and stocked in major retailers like Walmart, Target, and Petsmart, Bubble Universe is making waves globally. “I started the company during COVID when I partnered up with a top Pediatrician to disrupt the industry of bubbles, which is currently China tap water and detergent soap,” Jason explains.

From Chapman to CEO

Reflecting on his Chapman years, Jason acknowledges the pivotal role the university played in preparing him for his entrepreneurial journey. “Chapman educated me to be organized and execute at all costs. Failure would have sucked a lot. Fear drove me,” he shares. The lessons in time management, grit, and networking acquired at Chapman became the cornerstone of his success. Following graduation, Jason’s path led him to Hong Kong, where he ran a children’s toy company for five years. “While I lived in Hong Kong, I learned how to run a large company of 100+ people and how to deal with being in a different country by myself,” he recounts. This experience honed his managerial skills and taught him the importance of prioritizing profit to achieve his goals.

One of Jason’s proudest moments was taking on millions in debt to launch Bubble Universe from scratch, paying it off, and securing major retail partnerships. “I had no experience with that before going for it,” he admits. His journey exemplifies the power of courage and resilience in the face of adversity.

Greek Life and Beyond

Jason’s campus involvement in the Inter Fraternal Council and Greek life at Chapman played a pivotal role in expanding his social circle and network. “Joining Greek life helped me create such a great social circle but also expand my network,” he acknowledges. The connections made at Chapman continue to influence his career trajectory.

A Freshman’s Triumph

Jason attributes much of his success to the guidance of professors like Professor Mohr and Professor Oliphant. “I truly wouldn’t have graduated if it weren’t for them,” he acknowledges. Their mentorship echoes in the support network he relies on today. Among his favorite classes was an introductory course on auctions. “We competed for the best-run and highest revenue auctions. I won and met Dr. Doti. I gave him a check. Felt great!” he recalls. This early success fueled his passion for entrepreneurship.

Jason offers straightforward advice for students embarking on a similar entrepreneurial journey: “Start your own company faster. You can do it. Go out there and ask people to invest in you and your idea. Go for it. Don’t wait.” His mantra, inspired by Steve Jobs, underscores the importance of seizing opportunities without hesitation.

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