Alec Thompson’s journey to Chapman University began with a desire to escape the confines of Colorado for the sunny skies of California. “I was drawn to the sunny skies, surf, and the stunning campus of Chapman University,” he shares. His initial connections through dorms and fraternity life laid a strong foundation for his personal and professional growth. Alec’s time at Chapman was marked by an eagerness to learn and a passion for business and the entertainment industry, which he explored through a B.S. in Business Administration, emphasis in International Business, and a minor in Television at Dodge College. “This exposure helped me grow my skill set,” he explains, “as I conversed with a diverse group of individuals with unique interests and perspectives.”

Building a Career at VALLON

Currently, Alec is the Community Manager at VALLON, an Amsterdam-based eyewear company. His role involves a variety of creative and social tasks, from managing social media to organizing photoshoots and building brand partnerships. “It’s a role that keeps me creatively engaged and socially connected,” he says. Alec’s journey to this position was unconventional; after pursuing an MBA at Anglo-American University in Prague, he found a welcoming environment at VALLON. “I have been living and working here since August 2023 and have been loving it ever since,” Alec shares.

Chapman’s Impact

The support Alec received from his professors and peers at Chapman was instrumental in preparing him for his career.

“The essential skill of effective collaboration is a lesson I learned at Chapman,” Alec notes. Group projects, fraternity social work, and club activities all played a part in fostering his ability to work with diverse teams. This collaborative spirit was crucial when he decided to move to Europe and take on his role at VALLON. Alec’s career path was not straightforward; he initially worked remotely for a New York-based Athlete Sponsorship company during his senior year at Chapman, followed by a role as Social Media Manager for Extreme, a London-based company.

Alec’s involvement in campus life was extensive. He was an active member of Phi Delta Theta, the Chapman Swim Team, and served as a Chapman Ambassador. These experiences encouraged him to step outside his comfort zone and develop his communication skills. “Orchestrating the Sword & Shield Banquet for Phi Delt, an event that successfully raised over $30k in a single night, significantly enhanced my communication skills,” Alec recounts. His professors also played a crucial role in his development. “Professors like Mr. Leone, Joseph Rosenberg, Veselina Vracheva, and Mark DeSantis left a lasting impact on me,” he says.

The Key is Passion

“Don’t let the pressure of securing a job post-graduation overwhelm you.” He emphasizes the importance of passion and proactive learning. “What truly matters is your passion. If you’re genuinely passionate about a field, dedicate your time and energy to learning every facet of it. This way, when an opportunity arises, you’ll impress with your extensive knowledge”. Alec’s proactive approach involved researching his field of interest, networking on LinkedIn, and engaging with industry professionals. This dedication paid off when an opportunity at VALLON presented itself, and he was fully prepared to seize it.

Value of Travel

Alec also highlights the importance of travel for personal growth. “Travel is more than just exploring new destinations; it’s about embarking on a journey of self-discovery and broadening your perspectives,” he explains. His travels have helped him appreciate different viewpoints and become more open-minded. Alec encourages others to step out of their comfort zones and explore new cultures and people as they grow older.

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