In an exciting development for STEM, humanities, and business majors, Chapman University is partnered with EuroScholars to provide a unique semester abroad opportunity, allowing undergraduates to experience studying internationally with research opportunities. The partnership, which launched in the 2017 academic year, gives students the opportunity to undertake a course in the classroom and then work directly under professors and other academic staff to research a wide array of topics.

“The program is really a rare opportunity for students to simultaneously gain valuable research experience while being immersed in a different culture,” says Fowler School of Engineering Dean, Dr. Andrew Lyon. Participating universities are located in countries including Germany, Netherlands, Finland, Switzerland, and Belgium, and will give students a unique European respective while delivering exhilarating research opportunities. “The participating universities are remarkable places to work, and I expect that the students who take advantage of the program will return with a different perspective and will further enrich our own research culture,” says Lyon.

Students can apply transferable skills gained through EuroScholars toward their professional goals by working with faculty and students from around the world. Students will improve their research, writing, presentation, and intercultural communication skills during their semester abroad. Upon return, students can submit their research to Chapman University’s Student Scholar Symposium to share their creative activities. 

The program is open to all juniors and seniors with at least a 3.3 GPA. Students apply two semesters in advance. There is an abundance of research projects in a variety of European institutions. Participating Universities include:

University of Leuven, Belgium
Ludwig-Maximilians University, Germany
University of Helsinki, Finland
Leiden University, Netherlands
University of Geneva, Switzerland
University of Zurich, Switzerland

 For any questions, be sure to stop by the Center for Global Education, or learn more on the Global Gateway.