Kripa Koshy is a graduate student from India expected to graduate in 2020 with a dual degree MBA-MFA in producing for Film & Television. She is an International Ambassador and shares her experience and tips for making the most out of her opportunities at Chapman. 

“I wanted to study in the US because I had about 12 years of experience in the media industry in India, the US (East Coast), and the UK, but I needed to grow my industry knowledge, business acumen and network in the world’s leading media market. Chapman was one of two universities in the US that offered a dual degree for MBA-MFA in producing for Film and TV and the only one so close to Hollywood. I also received financial aid and scholarships for both programs. It has given me just the kind of exposure and experience I have needed to take my career to the next level. I have found an incredibly fun and inclusive family of students, very encouraging and supportive staff and plenty of opportunities to work hard and build my reputation on and off campus.  

Some of my accomplishments include three internships, producing 6 films on campus (will produce 3 more before I graduate), my position as director of fundraising and business development at the Chapman Women in Business Association, and becoming a Director at large at Alliance for Women in Media (AWM) Southern California Division. I have received recognition for my work from reporting managers, Chapman faculty, and on LinkedIn.

What helped me grow at Chapman and accomplish so much here are services offered on campus such as the Summit Course for budding professionals hosted by Career and Professional Development, the Argyros School Career Services, my internship advisor at Dodge College, and International Student and Scholar Services through the Center for Global Education. I was a mentee for an industry veteran through the Industry-on-Ramp program at Chapman. I also have joined Chapman networking groups on social media (Chapman Alumni Association, Chapman Film Connection) as well as attended other relevant career development and networking events at Chapman.

Networking eventI think it is also important to interact professionally and socially with graduate and undergrad students of all ages, communities, genders, and nationalities. I attend networking events through Eventbrite and Meetups in L.A., whenever possible, often with other Chapman students. I make sure to work hard at academics and actively participate in class discussions as well as attend seminars and faculty-arranged lectures by industry leaders. I have also audited classes that will help update my skills even though they are not part of my core curriculum (such as Virtual Reality and Digital Transformation for the Entertainment Industry). Most of all I would say my eagerness to keep learning, to build my network and to leverage all opportunities that come way, are what have helped me make the most of my experience at Chapman, so far. 

Upon graduation, I hope to join a major or mini major in the Film and TV industry in Los Angeles in a senior position that allows me to use my creative skills and business acumen, both of which were groomed and further developed at Chapman. I hope to stay connected to Chapman and the amazing people I met here, and I plan to help grow the influence of this community in the Film and TV industry.”

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