Over the summer, our team in the Center for Global Education began work with a production company to highlight three Chapman University Travel Course faculty who have for more than 30 years, created, developed and led travel courses oversees and domestically. At Chapman, travel courses offer students the opportunity to join a group led by Chapman faculty for 1-4 weeks during summer or interterm. In some instances, faculty have been traveling to specific locations long before their inspiration led to the creation of a travel course.

While on an academic expedition, Dr. Fred Caporaso, Professor at the Schmid College of Science and Technology, recalls being inspired to take students to Ecuador. Dr. Caporaso has traveled with academics learning about Darwin’s theories of evolution in the same locations these explorers once roamed. The Center for Global Education plays a vital role in preparing and managing the university requirements that allow students to travel to the Galapagos almost every year. Dr. Caporaso, leading the majority of these trips, reflects on these travels in the video.

Professor Michael Nehring, Faculty with the College of Performing Arts, and Dr. Barney McGrane, Professor with the Wilkinson College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, also reflect on how students benefit from traveling abroad to connect with vastly different cultures, beliefs and communities.

The Center for Global Education was able to work with Londen Productions, run by Bill Londen (’13, MBA ’15) and Haley Londen (’13), Chapman alumni and former Travel Course participants to produce the celebratory video. Below are a few behind-the-scenes snapshots from the video shoot:

Professor Caporaso reflecting on how he traveled to Galapagos in the 80s.


Dr. Barney McGrane reflecting on the ritual experience of students giving up their electronic devices during their meditation retreat.


Professor Michael Nehring highlights how exploring the city of London will change student’s perspectives of theatre and art.


Congratulations, and thank you to Dr. Fred Caporaso, Dr. Barney McGrane and Professor Michael Nehring for shaping global citizens at Chapman through Faculty-Led Travel Courses.

If you are interested in a Travel Course, please visit the Faculty-Led Travel Courses website to learn about the application process or sign up for an optional Global First Steps session. Recruitment for programming various, please see the faculty instructor for more information.