Shirley Sallas ’23, B.A. Public Relations & Advertising, shares her story and photos of interning in South Korea in summer 2022:

I went to South Korea for a marketing and advertising internship at Seoul Cosmetic Surgery, a medical tourism company. During the three months at “SCS” I was in charge of planning and executing video deliverables for Instagram that shared the brand’s message, plastic surgery, Korean travel, and k-culture to western audiences. Additionally, I got to collaborate with other interns on partnerships and campaign pitches for the company. I spent half my day in the office in Gangnam and the rest out and about in the city taking video content.

I have gained skills in content creation and I feel I got a unique outlook on communicating to a diverse mass market. My internship allowed me to go out into the field, shoot video content, edit videos, and track social media engagement. My favorite experience during my internship was going to a K-pop concert as an “influencer” to get content. Despite not knowing any of the performers I loved experiencing what the Korean music industry has to offer, in Korea! Overall, interning abroad taught me about patience and adaptability and I learned a lot about Korea’s culture from a business and lifestyle perspective. My favorite part of interning was meeting new people as I worked with people not only from Korea but Italy, France, the Middle East, and other Americans. I now have connections with people from around the globe!

Student at concert As for Korea, I love the city transportation as it is so easy to get around, so I got to experience a lot in the city. I love how it’s a mix of modern and historical; one street will have a palace and the next will have a skyscraper. Plus, despite my limited Korean, everyone I met was very patient and super respectful toward me. In my free time, I was never board as there is always something to do! My overall favorite thing I did in Korea is experience the unique cafe culture.  The cafes there had the most amazing pastries and coffee and coming back to America was honestly such a letdown when it came to bakeries and cafes here.


See below for more of Shirley’s photos and experiences:

Palgakjeong Pavilion

Palgakjeong Pavilion







Seoul Tour

At the top of Seoul Tower Seoul Sky, the tallest building in Seoul!







Looking at Namsan tower at the Namsangol Hanok Village, a traditional village. It’s common to rent Hanboks (traditional Korean clothes) when in Seoul, South Korea.





In front of a cafe called “신이도가” in the neighborhood Hongdae. Hongdae is a hopping place for young people and tourists.






Banner photo: One of the “I Seoul U” signs at Ttukseom Park. These signs promote tourism to Seoul and are found at popular places around the city.

First photo: Gyeonghoe-ru Pavilion at the Gyeongbokgung Palace

Second photo: Getting content for my internship at the G-Kpop concert. The three day concert took place at the Coex Mall and it was to promote the district of Gangnam.

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