piece of artwork

Bug Dad, 2008
Gift: Artist, 2009


Italian artist Alessandro Fornaci uses ancient symbols in conjunction with contemporary, political issues in his artwork. By contrasting the past with the present, Fornaci tries to prove that we are closer to ancient history than we think.

Fornaci studied at the First Public Art Institute of Rome, Silvio D’Amico, with a degree in printing. In 2002, the artist started his own printing studio, where he began experimenting with different materials and techniques. Fornaci attends the International Center for artistic Engraving of Urbino where he encounters engravers from all over the world. The artist was an “Artist in Residence” at California State University, Fullerton, and has done programs at Orange Coast College and Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana, California.

In Italy, Fornaci demonstrates experimental printing techniques to Chapman students at the Chapman University campus in Rome.

His politically rooted image in the Escalette Collection of Art at Chapman University, Bug Dad, mixes ancient symbols with modern political issues. This print, from 2008, is a commentary on the unrest in the Middle East. Fornaci includes a map of the Middle East that utilizes Latin and other ancient languages to map out the turmoil that has taken over this part of the world.

piece of artwork

Tracce Vitali di Arte Mistero in Natura, 2008
Gift: Artist, 2009


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