piece of artwork

Red Birth, 2010
Oil and enamel paint on aluminum
Gift: Artist 2010


After completing her undergraduate degree at Santa Clara University, Jane Bauman went on to receive her MFA in Painting and Sculpture from the San Francisco Art Institute. The artist’s work includes geometric shapes, including squares and chevron stripes; organic imagery, including plant life; medically-inspired imagery, such as her “Rorschach” series.

The piece Red Birth (2010) features a typical Bauman construction: oil and enamel on aluminum.  Bauman has stated that the recycled aluminum is constructed from lithography plates, giving discards a new life.

Bauman has stated that the Italian Renaissance is the primary inspiration for her work. From the late 1970s and onward, Bauman has been part of many solo and group exhibitions, particularly in Southern California and New York City. In 2008, she was featured in an exhibition at Chapman University’s Guggenheim Gallery. Her art can be seen in the permanent collections at the Cooper Hewitt Museum of American Art in New York City and the Musee de Cloitre des Cordeliers in Paris, France.

Bauman now teaches at Coastline Community College in Orange County, California.


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