Cliff Benjamin is a notable name in the modern art world: not only is he an artist himself, but he also is the co-owner of Western Project, a modern art gallery in Culver City, California. He began his career as an artist, then continued his profession into the world of education and support for fellow artists. A professor and gallery owner presently, Benjamin consistently works to showcase works by talented modern artists. In a recent interview with Artillery Magazine, Benjamin commented on the state of the modern art world as of present:

“I never think of [art] as a competitive business. I didn’t when I was an artist, and I don’t now as a gallerist. Most gallery owners don’t come from a teaching or a working artist background. I taught off-and-on for six or seven years, and I always liked teaching. I think teaching is more about giving people permission. So I think my background lets me go into a studio, and […] help artists be self-sufficient. I personally know how hard it is; being an artist is the hardest job in the world.”

– Cliff Benjamin, Artillery Magazine, May 5, 2015



Benjamin is also the artist of two pieces in the Escalette Permanent Collection of Art that are currently on display at Chapman University. Both similar in content, Study for Swarm and Study for July 1st feature contrasting colors, hypnotic circular shapes, and intriguing symbols.


piece of artwork

Study for July 1st, Cell vinyl ink on paper, 1994 Gift of the artist


piece of artwork

Study for Swarm, Cell vinyl ink on paper, 1994 Acquisition purchase


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