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This week, staff from the Guggenheim Gallery and the Escalette Collection, along with their team of student assistants, have been beating the relentless July heat to install Chapman’s new exhibit in the Guggenheim Gallery: Paths and Edges: Celebrating the Fifth-Anniversary of Our Escalette Collection. The exhibit will consist of over one dozen works of art from the collection, including work from Soo Kim, Edith Baumann, Betty GoldEdward Ruscha, and Richard Serra, among others.

The students assistants have learned that there is much more to setting up an exhibit than one would think– it is not solely about arranging paintings and adjusting lighting. There are condition reports to be completed, patching and painting holes in the walls, countless trips to and from collections storage to the gallery, measurements and equations to be followed for painting placement, also sweeping, drilling, nailing, and of course, carefully mounting the paintings themselves.

You may visit Paths and Edges for its opening in the Guggenheim Gallery this coming Monday, July 20.  Come celebrate the artists in the collection, as well as the hard work of the staff and students who have put it all together.

Paths and Edges will be displayed through September 18, 2015.

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