Wayne White, "Dude Starts Freakin"

Wayne White, “Dude Starts Freakin”, Acrylic on Cavas, 2008

John Paul Jones, "Bovitch in Egypt"

John Paul Jones, “Bovitch in Egypt”, Lithograph, 1963

Coffee roasting inside Beckman Hall,
The Piazza’s quiet, calm, serene,
While all inside, the artwork comes alive,
Forming a very festive team!

Everybody knows Wayne White will “freak” and have some fun,
Even John Paul Jones is looking bright.
Tiny horses by Schulnik will all run,
And beads will shimmer in White on White!

They know that Schweitzer’s on display,
He’s promoting “reverence for life,” today.

Michael Reafsnyder, Untitled

Michael Reafsnyder, Untitled, Cell vinyl on paper, 2006

Alison Schulnik, "Night Horses"

Alison Schulnik, “Night Horses”, Oil on canvas, 2005

And Reafsnyder’s signature “smileys” are gonna spy,
To see if Cardbird  really knows how to fly.

And so we’re offering this simple phrase,
From Escalette at Chapman U,
Although it’s been said many times, many ways,
Merry Christmas to you!

Robert Rauschenberg, "Cardbird 1"

Robert Rauschenberg, “Cardbird 1”, Collage print on corrugated cardboard, 1971

albert schweitzer: honk if you have reverence for life

card with peoples faces on it