Dr. Erik Linstead received a promotion to Full Professor of Software Engineering for the Fowler School of Engineering.

Dr. Linstead’s research includes artificial intelligence and machine learning with applications to software engineering, remote sensing, and development disorders.

Congratulations to Dr. Erik Linstead on his promotion to Full Professor of Software Engineering for the Fowler School of Engineering.

Dr. Linstead double-majored in computer science and computer information systems at Chapman University, graduating in 2001, and continued his studies at Stanford University, receiving an M.S. in Computer Science in 2003. Linstead furthered his education and received a Ph.D. in computer science in 2009 from the University of California, Irvine. From 2003 to 2015, he served as an embedded real-time software engineer at Boeing. 

In 2015, Dr. Linstead left Boeing and became a tenure-track Assistant Professor and program director in computer science in the Schmid College of Science and Technology. During this time, he focused his research on implementing machine learning to analyze and understand autism spectrum disorder, while at the same time mentoring several graduate students who have since embarked on their own faculty careers. 

Dr. Linstead was critical to the development of the Fowler School of Engineering, working alongside founding Dean, Dr. Andrew Lyon to sketch out the vision for academic programs and faculty recruiting. “It was a once-in-a-career experience to build an engineering school from the ground up.” – Linstead. 

Linstead became the Associate Dean of Academic Programs and Faculty Development for the School of Engineering in 2019 and used his twelve years of experience from his time at the Boeing Company to build the curriculum for Chapman Engineering, which is rooted in a hands-on approach to learning and prioritizing access to engineering for all. He was promoted to Senior Associate Dean in 2022. 

As the principal investigator of the Machine Learning and Affiliated Technologies (MLAT) lab, Senior Associate Dean of Fowler Engineering, and research mentor, Dr. Linstead is a core member of the Fowler Engineering community. 

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