1. Schedule time to talk to a Chaplain

Visit the Listening Windows Booking Page to sign up.

2. Drop into Be Seen, Be Heard, Be loved

A space led by Yvette Hernandez ’13

3. Practice Centering Prayer

Connecting with God: Growing with Centering Prayer 

4. Draw your own labyrinth on paper and trace it with your finger

You can also download a paper labyrinth here

5. Take a meditative walk

Anything that brings you to the present is mindful and helpful. Take a break for the walk, bake, knit, garden – get yourself into the present

6. Eat a Healthy Snack

Fueling your mind and body with good nutrition will help keep your mind focused as you study

7. Make a Study Play List

Find music that helps boost your motivation
Check out Dean Giulio Ongaro’s study playlist here

8. Take a short Nap

A short nap can help recharge your body

9. Buddy System

Have an accountability buddy, check in with each other

10. Set a schedule

Take breaks every hour to move your body

Here are some tips from the Docents of the Fish interfaith Center:

Emma Drake ‘ 23 – Change up where you study, I get easily distracted if I study in the same place. So plan some time to study at home and some time to study outside.

Mollie Browne ‘ 21 – Give yourself time. Write down everything you need to do for finals week and make yourself a schedule with hour blocks.

Briana Walker ’23 – Be Patient with yourself.

Anais Padilla ’23 – Music really helps me, I love Jazz. Make yourself a playlist of songs that are calming but induce productivity.