IMPORTANT NOTE – This program is specifically aimed for those participating in the current “Research Study on the Health Benefits of Mindfulness” undertaken by Chapman’s Brain Institute. If you wish to participate in this research study —  or you are interested in taking a future Mindfulness program at Fish — please contact Dr. Jay Kumar (Director of Wellbeing) at

Welcome to your “Three Week Refresher” for the Fish Interfaith Center Certificate in Mindfulness! It’s nice to have you back!

This refresher course consists of 15 guided meditations – try to do them over the course of 3 weeks. You are welcome to listen daily and continue to sit doing your own mindfulness meditation for a longer amount of time each day.

Choose your time and place each day, and get started! If you find any of these particularly useful, go ahead and repeat it the following day, then go on with the course – you have about 6 extra days to fill if you practice daily. If you finish in 15 days straight, just continue on your own for the 3 week period.

These guided meditations are presented on either video or audio, as indicated in the list. The audio ones are excellent quality, studio recorded, without background noise. The video ones are made during the pandemic at home, so listen or watch them and expect a bit of background noise!

All guided portions range from 5 to 20 minutes (some continue for up to 10 more minutes (with sound in the background before concluding with a bell). As a practiced meditator, we assume you are accustomed to 20 minutes per day.

You are welcome to contact Instructor Gail Stearns anytime at, or call 714-628-7397 (leave a message if she doesn’t answer) with questions, concerns, or just for conversation.

Thank you SO MUCH for your participation in this amazing study!

Gail Stearns and Fish Interfaith Staff


  1. Welcome to 3 Week Mindfulness Refresher! – Video

  2. Introduction to Mindfulness – Audio on SoundCloud            

  3. Introduction to Mindfulness with Sound – Audio on SoundCloud

  4. Mindfulness of Breath – Audio on SoundCloud                                            

  5. Mindfulness of Body – Audio on SoundCloud

  6. Mindfulness of Body with Sound – Audio on SoundCloud

  7. Mindful AwakeningVideo 

  8. Mindfulness of Thought with Sound – Audio on SoundCloud

  9. Mindfulness of Emotion with Sound – Audio on SoundCloud

  10. Dealing with Difficulty (RAINN) – Video 

  11. Mindful Living – Video 

  12. Walking Meditation 1– Audio on SoundCloud

  13. Walking Meditation 2 (walking with pauses) – Audio on SoundCloud

  14. 3 Minute Mindfulness Meditation Revised – Audio on SoundCloud

  15. Conclusion: Compassion/Spirit Meditation – Video