It is important to always learn new things and expand one’s knowledge. Whether that be a new language, a new book, a new recipe, planting a vegetable you have never planted before, watching a new genre of movies, or attending a master class. Intellectual wellness is a key component of the eight dimensions of wellness (mental health, spiritual health, financial health, physical health, social health, intellectual wellness, environmental wellness, and occupational wellness). Each dimension of wellness impacts one’s overall health (Garcia, 2015). Making it important to nurture each dimension in your own life for balance (Kang et al., 2021).

Intellectual wellness encompasses creativity and the acquisition of new knowledge and skills (City of Newport, n.d.). Often described as being a lifelong learner those who promote their own intellectual wellness are always acquiring new skills and knowledge (Ebinger, 2016).

New skills and knowledge can be achieved through professional or personal development, community service, personal hobbies, and cultural involvement (City of Newport, n.d.). Intellectual wellness involves engaging yourself in creative mental activities that grow your knowledge and skills (Intellectual Wellness, n.d.).

“Intellectual wellness encourages learning. It is important to explore new ideas and understandings in order to become more mindful and better-rounded. Having an optimal level of intellectual wellness inspires exploration. Intellectual wellness also stimulates curiosity. Curiosity is important because it motivates you to try new things and develop an understanding of how you see the relationship between yourself, others, and the environment”. (City of Newport, n.d. Par. 2).

There is no one way to promote your own intellectual wellness. Some opportunities to promote intellectual wellness include:

  • Practice active listening when you are engaged in learning.
  • Start a new hobby or learning something new about a current hobby.
  • Stop by the Leatherby Libraries for a new book!
  • Find a creative outlet for yourself ex: Painting, iPhone photography, ceramics, dance, singing, drawing, mindful coloring book, journaling, or scrapbooking.


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