San Onofre Beach – California’s Gold (1004)

Surfing has played a major role in the “California” lifestyle and has a rich and colorful history up and down our coast. One of the most famous and historic is San Onofre Beach in San Diego County.

Surfing got its start in Polynesia over three thousand years ago and Hawaiian’s have been riding waves for over one thousand. Surfing arrived in California in 1907 and has been a passion of Californians ever since.

Many of our states early surfing pioneers cut their chops on the famous waves at San Onofre Beach. Huell meets and reminisces with several members of the San Onofre Surfing Club and gets an inside look at California surfing history and beach culture. We’ll meet the old timers and the new breed who call San Onofre home. So grab your ukulele and your surfboard and hop in your Woody for a trip to the beach with Huell.