Wedding of the Waters – California’s Gold (110)

In 1937 an amazing 3 day event took place to celebrate the opening of a new road from Lone Pine to Death Valley. Starting with a gourd full of water taken from the highest lake in the U.S. on the side of Mt. Whitney, the gourd is taken to the lowest lake in the US – Bad Water in Death Valley. Using all modes of important California transportation (Native American runner, Pony Express, miner & burro, 20 mule team, stagecoach, train, car, and plane) with many famous participants, the water is finally poured in, thus consummating the wedding.

Join Huell 60 years later as they recreate this amazing event, with many descendants, a few people who were there the first time, tons of vintage photos, and films on this incredible piece of California’s Gold.

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