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Wedding of the Waters-California’s Gold (110)

In 1937 an amazing 3 day event took place to celebrate the opening of a new road from Lone Pine to Death Valley. Starting with a gourd full of water taken from the highest lake in the U.S. on the side of Mt. Whitney, the gourd is taken to the lowest lake in the US  Continue Reading »

Life in Death Valley- California’s Gold (606)

Huell discovers that even though it’s thought of as one of the bleakest and most desolate places in the world, Death Valley can be beautiful. Contrary to its name, Death Valley is host to a wide variety of life-from prehistoric pupfish to stunning miniature wildflowers and much more! Visitor Information (760) 786-3200  1995

Scotty’s Castle- California’s Gold (607)

Huell travels to Death Valley to learn about Walter Scott… one of the great characters of California history. Huell tours the amazing castle that now bears Scotty’s name and walks through the dry desert that Scotty loved so much. Get an intimate portrait of this California original from those who knew and loved him. Visit  Continue Reading »