Clear Lake – California’s Gold (3001)

Clear Lake is located at the base of fabled Mt. Konocti and is California’s largest natural lake. Much of the terrain around the 4200 foot Mt. Konocti was formed by lava flows and folding of the earth’s crust. The lake has a rich history; evidence of human habitation dates back at least ten thousand years. More than 120,000 visitors each year enjoy picnicking, boating, camping and nature walks.

Huell travels to the this natural wonder and gets a very special tour including Anderson Marsh State Historic Park which has a very rich history itself. The Park contains 1,065 acres of oak woodland, grass covered hills, and tule marsh at the southeast end of Clear Lake. It has a rich Native American history and the original Anderson family home is open to the public for tours. Huell travels the marsh and lake by boat and learns about the rich natural and human history that makes Clear Lake such a wonderful example of California’s Gold.