Camarillo Ranch – California’s Golden Parks (148)

Join Huell as he visits the magnificently restored Camarillo Ranch, which was named for “the last Spanish Don”, Adolfo Camarillo, who assumed ownership of the gigantic 10,000 acre ranch in 1880 at the age of 16. The city of Camarillo is named after the charismatic and successful Adolfo, who is known for having bred white horses. Huell takes a special tour of the ranch and “La Casa Grande,” the 6,000 sq. foot Queen Anne Victorian Camarillo built for his wife, Isabella.

Once the original Rancho Calleguas, the ranch was one of the last of the Mexican land grants. Mexican Governor Alvarado gave Jose Pedro Ruitz the land in 1847. Juan Camarillo obtained the Rancho from the Ruiz family in 1875. At Juan’s death, his eldest son, Adolfo Camarillo assumed operation of the ranch at the age of 16. Sucessfully operating the ranch for 68 years, Adolfo was fondly referred to as the “Last Spanish Don”, and the City of Camarillo is named after him.