The Hollywood Sign – California’s Gold (132)

Join Huell Howser for this very special one-hour look at the world famous Hollywood Sign. Accompanied by Chris Baumgart and Linda Barth, Huell gets special permission from The Hollywood Sign Trust to actually climb up to and even sit on the sign. While perched on this landmark Huell learns the full history from 1923 till now from the people who work so hard to preserve this icon. He is then joined by Raiden Peterson who was part of the construction crew that rebuilt the sign in 1978. Raiden not only brings great memories and stories but an incredible collection of artifacts that he found when working on the sign including a lightbulb that still works! Finally Huell talks to a few pranksters, one of whom was part of a group that changed the sign to read CAL TECH. As always you’re invited to come on along as we learn how they did it!

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