The Leatherby Libraries has licensed several databases that provide streaming video, including Kanopy. Kanopy employs a demand-driven model whereby we normally grant access to the entire catalog of films, but only pay for high-usage content. This high-usage content, once acquired, makes these films available for one year. Because of Kanopy’s popularity, our current funding model is not sustainable, so we are continuing to investigate alternative streaming sources and funding solutions to better provide this high-demand content in the future.

Because of Kanopy’s cost and popularity, we do occasionally have to turn off the option to acquire any new films until additional funding is available. During these periods, users will only have access to films that have already been acquired. To view other content, we recommend checking our other film databases, such as Films on Demand or Academic Video Online, as well as the extensive collection of DVDs in the Crean Film and Television Library on the third floor of the Leatherby Libraries.

Please contact Kristin Laughtin-Dunker, Coordinator of Scholarly Communication and Electronic Resources, at with any questions.