This week marked the opening of a new academic year. Classes are back in session, friends are re-connecting across campus, and the Starbucks is busy again.

The Leatherby Libraries helped welcome a whole new crop of Panthers to the Chapman University community last week as a part of Fall Orientation 2019. We connected with first year and transfer students, along with parents, talking to them about how important the library will be to their time here at Chapman University, and letting them know just how many resources we have to offer, beyond books and a quiet place to study.

We also offered tours of the Leatherby Libraries, showing new students all the best studying spots!

As the first week of classes began, the Leatherby Libraries had something else to celebrate – our birthday! On the first day of classes for the 2004-2005 academic year, the Leatherby Libraries opened its doors for the first time. This Monday, then, to mark our 15th birthday, we welcomed students to the first day of classes with balloons and cupcakes!

A cluster of red and gray balloons, with two number balloons spelling out "15," stand in front of a table filled with cupcakes.

Balloons and cupcakes to to celebrate the fifteenth birthday of the Leatherby Libraries

Welcome to the 2019-2020 academic year, Panthers – have a great year!