Finding a study spot on campus can be challenging at times. Starbucks is too crowded, Argyrous Forum gets busy, the study rooms at the dorms aren’t always available…so where do you go when you can’t find a quiet place to study? The Leatherby Libraries!

But wait…what if you’re too distracted by the people walking around, need to collaborate with peers or even critique a film? Then you should book a room at the Libraries!

Whether you just want to study in peace or work on a group project, booking a room in the Leatherby Libraries is simple. 

How much time can I spend in a booked room? 

  • 1-8 hour blocks: Doctoral students, Affiliated Scholars, and Faculty
  • 1-6 hour blocks: Graduate students
  • 1-4 hour blocks: Law and Undergraduate students
  • 1-3 hour blocks: Extended Education Students, Lecturers, and Staff/Administrators
  • 1-2 hour blocks: Alumni

To book a room, start here:

Then scroll down and check off that you’ve read the agreement for room booking. 

From there you’ll be taken to a different website and log in again with your chapman credentials.  

On this page you can view the availability and make your own reservation.


There you go!