Chapman students, faculty, and staff can check out more than just books at the Leatherby Libraries! They have access to checkout: 

– Calculators: 

    – Graphing – TI 84 Plus

    – Financial – HP 10bII & HP 10bII+

    – Scientific – TI-30Xa & TI 30X IIS

– Cassette Players 

– CD/DVD External Drive – ASUS LITE Portable USB 2.0 Slim 8X DVD/ Burner +/- Rewriter

– Charging Cables:

    – Apple – Lightning to USB

    – USB Type-C

– Dual Audio Jacks

– Headphones

– Power Stations – OMNI 20 Equipped with wireless charging, two fast-charging USB ports, and a 100W AC outlet

– Slide Viewers

These items come with accessibility on a first come, first serve basis. Just like a late book, students will be fined for items that are not returned by their due time. For the items above, students will be fined $1 per hour past their return time.

These media devices are allowed to be used outside of the library, but must be checked in/out during open library hours. These are great items to use for class, such as a graphing calculator if you forget yours at home.

Leatherby Libraries has so much to offer for the Chapman community, take advantage of all its resources!