We’re still celebrating the fact that Chapman University Digital Commons reached the fantastic milestone of over one million downloads a few weeks ago. Last week, we spoke with Dr. Jared Rubin. This week, we’re interviewing Dr. Laura Tsu, whose article, “A Pharmacist’s Role in the Prevention and Management of Perioperative Atrial Fibrillation and Flutter,” has the excellent distinction of being the one millionth download!

The abstract for the article reads as follows: “This home-study CPE has been developed to educate pharmacists about recently published guidelines for perioperative atrial fibrillation and flutter management and prevention, and discuss the role a pharmacist can have in the care of these patients.”

Dr. Tsu chatted with us over email about the article, answering the following interview questions.

1. How did the article make its way onto the Digital Commons? Did you submit it to our Coordinator of Scholarly Communications, Kristin Laughtin-Dunker, or did she reach out to you?
Kristin reached out to me.

2. How do you use the Leatherby Libraries and/or Digital Commons in your research?
As a pharmacist, I use it very commonly, sometimes daily, to access up-to-date research and medical articles with my students to provide patient care.

3. Given the number of times your article has been downloaded, has anyone outside the Chapman community reached out to you about it, to use it as a source, or in another capacity?
I have been contacted a few times with general clinical questions when it was initially published since it was used for pharmacists to gain continuing education credit. I was very happy to see that people found the topic interesting, and were using that information to keep updated.

4. Is there anything noteworthy you’d like to share about your collaborators? For instance, were they your students?
This was one of many articles that I collaborated with students to write. It was a great experience for me to mentor the students, and they were able to learn about the clinical topic, as well as the research and publication process.