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My Librarian’s Favorite Resource(s)


My Librarian’s Favorite Resource(s): Performing Arts

April 15, 2021 by | Resources

So far in our “My Librarian’s Favorite Resource(s)” blog series, we’ve shared resources for students studying History, Psychology, Engineering and Sciences, Education and Political Science, and Philosophy. This week we’re talking to Taylor Greene, Chair of Instructional Services and Performing Arts librarian, about his favorite resources for students in each of the Performing Arts subjects.

My Librarian’s Favorite Resource(s): Philosophy

April 9, 2021 by | Resources

For this week’s “My Librarian’s Favorite Resource(s)” post, we’re going to get super philosophical…about resources for Philosophy students and researchers, that is! This week, Brett Fisher, Chair of the Library Systems & Technology Division, is sharing with us his favorite resources that he uses in his role as Philosophy Subject Liaison Librarian. Brett writes, “I

My Librarian’s Favorite Resource(s): Education and Political Science

April 1, 2021 by | Resources

Welcome back from Spring Break, Panthers! As you prepare to tackle the second half of the semester with vigor and research, be sure you’re following our “My Librarian’s Favorite Resource(s)” blog series to get hot tips on the best resources to use for each discipline. This week we’re chatting with Assessment Librarian Lauren Dubell about

My Librarian’s Favorite Resource(s): Engineering and Sciences

March 19, 2021 by | Resources

This week is our third installment of the “My Librarian’s Favorite Resource(s)” blog series. This week, we’re talking to Engineering, Sciences, and Digital Humanities librarian Doug Dechow, Ph.D. about the resources that he uses the most, and how he became the Sciences librarian at the Leatherby Libraries. Doug writes, “I am privileged to be the

My Librarian’s Favorite Resource(s): Psychology

February 18, 2021 by | Resources

Our journey through the “My Librarian’s Favorite Resource(s)” blog series continues this week with David Carson, who serves as our Brandman University Distance Education Librarian and subject liaison librarian for Psychology. In addition to his librarian duties, David is a member of the LGBTQIA+ Staff & Faculty Forum at Chapman University. David wrote to us

My Librarian’s Favorite Resource(s): History

February 11, 2021 by | Resources

In the first episode of our new blog series, “My Librarian’s Favorite Resource(s),” we’re chatting with Rand Boyd, who in addition to being the Special Collections Librarian, also serves as the subject liaison librarian for History and Holocaust Studies. Rand shares with us his favorite resources for helping students studying History: “I have had the

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